Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Wednesdays are hard for some people
but not me. i think Wednesdays are good
for me and there should always be something
to break up the week a bit. September 11th
was a Tuesday and i once broke a man's heart
on a Sunday. Wednesday is good.
Thursday is almost-weekend but not weekend enough.
give me mid-week sunbeams dancing over my floor
or even the consistency of third-day rain when it's been too long
without. i like Wednesday,
it's some kind of momentum into
things to come and i don't have
to look back anymore. my
grandmother passed on a groggy Saturday morning
so as much as i enjoy sleeping late
and bacon breakfasts with eggs
i don't think i'll ever go for those, really.
i'll have Wednesday please.
it hasn't betrayed me so far in this life.


Monday, October 29, 2012


i love words
and having words and
knowing how to use them

but i do not love
how they can shatter
worlds and bring tears
from nothing

it's easy to speak
it's not easy to think
before speaking

that song once found beautiful
now ruins you
words with new meanings now

profound whispers tip-toeing
across land mine hearts


Friday, October 19, 2012

gold and green

has the sparkle too soon
gone out of your eyes? just
find that western sky when you can,
the glint of gold and green,
the leaves can only shine back

and they'll put you right,
nature always follows through
and it'll put you right.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

[poetry soon.]

forgive me, friends.

life's caught up to me recently, but there have been triumphs mixed in with the struggles, so it's all going to be OK. work is taking its toll but i am grateful to have a job. i'm working on a community production of a musical, which demands much of my nightly time but brings me joy, for theatre is a beautiful, under-appreciated art. and my brother got married this weekend, so my heart is still overflowing with love and happiness from that.

i will return to you, i promise. in the meantime, keep writing, and i hope you'll stick with me, too.

peace and love,
Dana xo