Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Wednesdays are hard for some people
but not me. i think Wednesdays are good
for me and there should always be something
to break up the week a bit. September 11th
was a Tuesday and i once broke a man's heart
on a Sunday. Wednesday is good.
Thursday is almost-weekend but not weekend enough.
give me mid-week sunbeams dancing over my floor
or even the consistency of third-day rain when it's been too long
without. i like Wednesday,
it's some kind of momentum into
things to come and i don't have
to look back anymore. my
grandmother passed on a groggy Saturday morning
so as much as i enjoy sleeping late
and bacon breakfasts with eggs
i don't think i'll ever go for those, really.
i'll have Wednesday please.
it hasn't betrayed me so far in this life.



Rene Foran said...

I was born on a Wednesday. I like them too :)

Ella said...

I was born on a Wednesday, too...
I like this :D
Happy Friday...wish I could say

Dana Leah said...

aww thank you, ladies. x