Thursday, November 22, 2012

a girl with a heart

i'm caught in you,
being tossed amongst your melée,
and i used to think it might be healthy for me --
i'm convinced
it's so good for my soul to love you.

should my soul, then,
be splitting itself down the center
in what can only be called a civil tug-of-war,
shredding me
in a juvenile game of
a tragedy at best
written for only your benefit.
and suddenly here i am,
naked in the glare of a rogue headlight,
and i really wish you'd run me over,
slam into me head-on
and be done with it.
it would be less painful
than this.

i'd even venture to say
that i wish you could hate me
or that i could hate you
even though i know
it's not really in me
to ever harbor such emotions
or to let you know.

so could you please just sever this thread
that binds me so readily to you
so that i can be free of all this?
i'm coming undone at your feet
and i'm losing myself
over the pieces of us...

i can't be the done-up doll
the pill-popping priss
the mascara-smeared Marilyn
you chase
you drool over
you claim will complete you;
it's me,
this, just a girl with a heart,
or nothing.
that is all i can offer,
now or ever,
and so i must request to be
put out of my misery
or else risk
making a mockery of us both;
be attentive and real
or be done with me.



The Unknowngnome said...

boys can be a b**** most times. i know being one when not a gnome. :)

I like your lines:

a tragedy at best

be attentive and real
or be done with me

Nice write!

Dana Leah said...

aww, thanks for your comment! they really can, this one in particular. :) thank you again my friend! x