Friday, January 25, 2013


i met him unexpectedly
someplace we both wanted to be.
he claimed to be a friend
of a friend
but turned out to be much more in the end.
his face could erase
all the empty space
in my head
and replace it all with humility instead.

i didn't like what he did to me,
or maybe i did;
it was too early to tell
and i was sometimes independent,
but my heart knew me well.
i found myself stumbling over him,
dangling from him,
and soon it became clear
i was into his ways,
and so went the days
as i took it all in stride
and for once, vowed not to hide.

he didn't require words
to dutifully inquire;
just needed a beat
and a place for hire,
a full-blown choir.
he struck my every chord
and i'd beg someone's holy lord
to keep him in my weary life,
by His will or by his own accord.

a long time ago
i cared for one so
but he turned out to be
naught more than shadow.
he haunted my nights
and it took an end-all plea
before i could break free.

this one knew the time
and without reason or rhyme
was nothing with which to compare
the desperations of despair,
for he knew me and although
i couldn't really say
i was his favorite show,
it wasn't hopeless as long ago.

he brought me to my knees
with the greatest of ease
and still i was unsure
if maybe i was tangled in something
more than my heart could handle
or just kindling a new candle
of adventurous aspiration.
could be my damnation
or my salvation.

come what may,
he was perfection
and his aura in its reflection
told me not to fret,
that he wouldn't sell his soul
for anything alive
or objectified.
he made a vow
and i didn't understand
but i know it now --
he won't drag me down,
make me cry, steal my crown.
he'll be
an honest accessory
and i shall then be
valiant exclusively.


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