Sunday, August 19, 2012

shoes on a wire

it used to be cool
to tie the ends of your shoelaces together
and toss them sky high
to get them to land on a power line.
you got bonus points
for putting them there
so they hung evenly;
everyone likes symmetry.

then all the lonely people
who'd drive by in their fancy cars
or walk home from their fancy schools
would be forced to notice
the handiwork of some punk kid
who had nothing better to do
than waste a perfectly good pair of sneakers
by attaching them to a high wire
and watching them hang there
swaying with each new breeze
day after day.

the real trick
was getting those wayward shoes
down from said wire,
a crafty larceny indeed.
once sacrificed
there was no guarantee
those suckers would ever return to earth
for reclaim,
but you knew that going in.

you didn't want to wear them again;
that wasn't even the point --
it was just to be able to say
you'd done it
and also
so they didn't become prey to a storm
and get lost in the universe somewhere.

no one wants to wake up
to a pair of forsaken shoes,
sodden and overrun with stench,
on their lawn.
then you'll be that kid
whose shoes were found four streets over
from their original hanging place
and then it's not so cool anymore
they're in a stranger's trash can
where their legacy dies
instead of being heralded on a wire
in high fashion.

like anything in this world
it was only cool to throw your shoes on a wire
if you did it right
and you didn't get caught.


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