Wednesday, August 8, 2012

your anthems

Americana, that your unprecedented wisdom
should appear to shy you now,
for you have killed a dream today.

all that danced inside him was abandoned
for a chance at unsummoned victory.
they laughed at his candor.

he yearned to remodel his microphone
in order to restore his former glory
on an amateur stage.
chancellors encouraged him to do so.
thus began his journey across unmarked stars.
he was prepared to pave his own path
to infinity.

a juvenile gleam perused his aged eyes.
he had seen the world but wanted more, they said.
some were not ready to let him try.

he was vibrant yet innocent,
perfect yet flawed somehow.
still they adored him.
Caesar's throne cowered under his suave;
he played upon that most.
an icon, he knew
as did his peasants.
they bowed to him.
how they cheered.
an icon.

my Greek god,
how i long for your anthems
to make me swoon.
it has not been an hour.
i will hear the affections of your singsong heart once again,
and this time
they will not take you from me.


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