Sunday, March 3, 2013

heart's too big

heart's too big
can't love you
too often stolen
too often held
it's betrayed me
i follow it
knowing it's wrong
can't help that
heart's my life
i'm not bold
just another idiot
caged-up bomb
possibly i'm jaded
self-destruct button
still in tact
do not press
red red red
red blinking red
capital letter words
do not press
but of course
you will press
yes you will
ignore the warning
you'll ignore me
you will press



Grace said...

I specially like these lines:

possibly i'm jaded
self-destruct button

Its too bad that some people can't take the warning ~

Wishing you Happy day ~

McGuffy Ann said...

Strong & immediate.

Margaret said...

the red button... we all have that tucked away some where, I suppose.

Sounds like "no" needs to become more meaningful!

Dana Leah said...

thank you for your comments everyone. "no" is something i have definitely utilized more lately... x