Thursday, April 5, 2012


the words went away and
she wanted to cry at the loss but
instead she let her heart carry the
things she wanted to say and
a stringy stream of thoughts became
the core of all her muddled misgivings that
had enjoyed floating around, unused in
the negative space in bedridden head, and
she breathed when at last she saw those
words she'd subconsciously conjured in
tandem opposition to her need to write and
she marveled at such results from a
frantic girl, not keen to surrender her tongue just



M. A. S. said...

If this were the beginning to a chapter of a book, I would really want to keep reading. You've packed quite a lot in with your words, like a little story.

Dana Leah said...

wow, thank you so much! perhaps someday it shall evolve into a book of its own....i so appreciate you stopping by and reading and commenting. x

Anonymous said...
Putting It All Together