Tuesday, April 3, 2012

i have more me's to become

my goodbye shoes have been on
for days and now that i've scratched parting words

into all my exotic stones here my
heart tells me to look back.

it's forgotten something.
i don't like the way that feels

but i also have no zest left to fight it.
i made that bargain long ago so that

i'd stay sane in this little fraying head.
but there's always a reason to stay.

four days on i might have changed my mind
but some bridges i prefer to burn

before the crossing -- making my
own exit that much harder and then

i will ask myself why i do this
over and over and never really wait around

for the answer. i have more me's
to become; i pull the laces a bit

tighter and keep going, it's better
that i don't set them down in one place

for too long lest i forget
where i am and where i put them.


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