Friday, May 11, 2012

don't stop me

after i've had a few Chardonnays
i become the world's most blatant flirt

and then whether you like it or not
i'll launch right into stories

about my fortuitous grandfather
and the decorated life he led

the Livestrong bracelet on my right wrist
i wear in memory of him and

the uneven battle he fought, the
only battle he did not win

and about how my heart never left
France even though my body did

and if you're lucky and the Chardonnay
has gone quick and direct to my head

i'll test out my French on you
if you can speak it, too, then

my flirting will turn serious
and we might see each other again someday

i will go on and on
if you don't stop me

and just for once, i must tell you
i would like not to be stopped


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