Monday, May 28, 2012

the rain in April

April showers
turned every thought
topsy-turvy like the sea:
unspeakable calm
interrupted by torrential storm
just so each side
would have its fair say.

Marching on through
as i vowed to do,
rays of light
seamed to soften the blow
of torments
that ought to have knocked me right down.

that, at last,
something would happen
that wouldn't drain me of all
i've worked for
or dreamed for.

the rain in April
made everything clearer,
cleansing all the disdain
that's so used to accumulating over time.

reconnections and reestablishments
proved less harmful than
wasting all of it away.
vision isn't extremely unclouded
but it's no longer
searching for answers in the dark
which is more help
than anyone's offered as of late.

the sea is all right with me
so long as it brings flowers
next time
and above all
follows through.


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