Sunday, May 6, 2012

no bottle for it anyway

i threw my hat across the Atlantic
figuring it would be easier to get back to you
than the standard message; i had
no bottle for it anyway, not
one to hold all i want to say.

homeward bound
i knew you'd keep it safe for me
until i could thank you in traded breath
and spill the contents of a stained glass chest
without making a mess of everything.

sometimes even i
don't know my own strength.
keep me, keep me here.



Kim Nelson said...

Love the imagery... the glass chest, the traded breath. This is a tight, focused piece.

Dana Leah said...

oh thank you, Kim. such a thoughtful comment. :) x

Carrie Burtt said...

I love this Dana! Beautiful and heartfelt! :-)

Dana Leah said...

thanks so much, Carrie, and welcome! i've followed you back. :) x

the wild magnolia said...

"Throwing the hat across the Atlantic, and stained glass chest......'

good jobe.