Sunday, March 18, 2012

discover more of you

the mangled streetlight,
bent, scarred from innocent encounters
with an addicted angst,
casts uncertain shadows
on abused pavement,
and through the darkness
you still glow
in all unclaimed beauty.
you radiate sympathy
and will not repent,
but rather embrace the moment when called upon.
the hour's seclusion
echoes in silence.
swift, encompassing...eerie...
it only desires love
and so you gave it.
if life could be so simple.
in the empty stillness
a vile temptation beckons.
it receives no answer
though you are still standing there.
it curses you, violates you,
but leaves not a hideous mark.
it mocks you, forbids you,
it forces its wretched talon upon you.
you smile through it all.
it speaks, you ignore it.
it touches, you repel it.
it tastes, you scold it.
it hears, you scream at it.
it smells, you are fragrant.
your perfection
cowers under only one other Being
and is all-victorious.
that i could share your heart,
it would be a most glorious hour.
i breathe the sacred air
that you have given back,
finished with it for the moment.
you donate to me
everything good you possess.
i am staggered.
you wait for me
as i discover more of you
and still you smile through it all.



vivinfrance said...

Thank you for your visit to my blog. Your poem is a triumph: was it written to a prmpt?

Dana Leah said...

oh you're very welcome my dear. thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. this piece was actually not written to a prompt, but just out of sheer love for someone in my life. however, as of late i've been trying to challenge myself with prompts; i think as a writer that's very important! so i hope that brings about new things in my writing, and that i can learn from other poets in the community. all the blessings to you. xo