Wednesday, March 14, 2012

nowhere to go

when the words have nowhere to go
they pool precariously in my head
where i trap them between wishes and wants
and memories are bleeding all over the place
seeping into the words
cancerous rendez-vous, infection
by the time they spill out
to the listeners and the non-believers
even i don't exactly know where they've been
but who the hell wants to know
an entire past anyway
i don't have time to know anyone that well
but my words i know
they spend so much time inside of me
i don't even let all of them out
i can't send them just anywhere
they are my protected progeny
where else would they go
we'd both be lost



Marian said...

yes, i know what you mean!
and glad you are back :)

Dana Leah said...

thanks Marian! glad to be back. i so appreciate your support here. x