Wednesday, March 21, 2012

let's go

i do not wish to go.
i also do not wish to go.

still it would be nice
to have something to say for today,

we wait.

i am tired of waiting for something
to happen to me, Didi.
i am tired of waiting for someone
to come along, Gogo.

we will wait,
...we will wait.

and what if a lucky man comes and goes
and claims to be the great Godot
or we mistake him as such
but cannot relieve this madness?
who are we waiting for,
what are we waiting for,

...we still wait

let's make a plan,
a man for today
so we have something to show
all right, we shall.
but we know deep down
we will still be

"well, shall we go?"
"yes, let's go."

we do not go.


[inspired by & line in quotes borrowed from Samuel Beckett's "Waiting for Godot," a rather brilliant piece of theatre. "WFG" was the prompt but there were no limitations. this is simply where my little writing mind took it. it's a rather literal interpretation.]


Kim Nelson said...

We do not go... how often this is the case. What are we waiting for, really? I do not think it is Godot!

Dana Leah said...

it's so true, Kim. so often we're waiting for something and we don't know really what it is! thanks for stopping by! x