Saturday, June 2, 2012

honorable or mentionable

let's go down to the demonstration
and breathe down the backs
of ideas that were dead
long before we arrived
here or on the planet.
we might inspire
life anew
in them.

we could be the next generation's
or onlookers.
either way
we've got something to prove.

inspire some fear,
make 'em wonder,
we could;
it keeps 'em on their toes.

we might even find
some comfort among
changing hearts, the world awake.
but if we're talking some sort of sense,
i'm not sure we'll do much good,
for we can only leave marks
where they are wanted;
the fools in their paradise
won't have any of it.
off and on
and in between
are the words we'll use.
we could always just toss them around,
let the air receive them
and pray.

come with me
and our transgressions;
they'll probably get lost by the road
on the way
and then we're free for the future,
no longer obliged to the past.

let's go
take back the night
and give sanity the finger
and then we can run for our lives --
we'll be so on the line
that anyone society could send after us
wouldn't even find themselves in hot pursuit
because we'll be long gone,
our well-wishes having erased
any remnants of footprints.

that renders us untraceable, yes?
we could always zig-zag our way
across state lines and oceans,
make some sort of epic swim to London or Paris
or perish out at sea
although i'm certain
if we traded breath along the way
we could make it
relatively unscathed.

new civilizations
could be birthed.
limitless potential
or at least thoughts of it
to share with neighbors
who will either think us
honorable or mentionable.

in the end
our noisy hearts will have
stomped on all the dreams
that never got accomplished
to make way for
it might be our only shot
at something next to genius:
our mind structure may not allow
for such plans now
but they keep the drawbridge lowered all day
so we could sneak in before dusk
if we had to
and scatter our influence everywhere.

ambition of our generation's
movers and shakers
is how they'd chalk up our behavior
on the giant bar graph
of the years,
having some overbearing need
to classify everything and everyone,
make them fit.

and those are the boundaries we'll defy
and such are the cuffs we'll saw
and these are the ropes we'll fray.
it has to be that way
or we might find
we're forgotten,
like Christmas trees thrown to the curb
in January
lacking celebration.

no one wants to be forgotten.
but few know how to make sure
it never occurs.
so i figure
if we take things into our own hands
cause a little stir
and even knock down some trees
so new ones can flourish,
new trees,
new ideas,
new wants,
new news,
we'll be fine.
bags are packed;
the time is now.

let's go ensure
that we locate some meaning
and make so many changes
that the world won't know what hit 'em.
we mustn't be let go.
we won't be forgotten.


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