Wednesday, June 20, 2012

i remember Decembers

in high school choir we sang this song called
I Remember December
and it always made me a little sad to think of
remembering Decembers
that weren't there anymore.

i never want to only remember my Decembers;
i always want to cherish them.

Decembers bring me unexplained joy
even when the rest of the year's been shit.
my childhood was good and i have never yet missed a Christmas
and Mama was born on its eve
so there's that.

but most of all
there was the promise of something to come
when the long year at last was over.
December could make me forgive when i wasn't ready.
nothing mattered because December knew the score
and suddenly stopped counting
and i always remembered that about Decembers
young and old. i feel like i can truly
remember all of them.


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