Thursday, June 21, 2012

save me my own mercy

what makes you kick
is sometimes
what makes you tick.

i'm kicking today because
the rain made me do it.
i made bad coffee and curled my hair.

when the wind blows
the rain sounds like someone's vomit
splashing to the pavement
but it looks a little prettier.

i think if i throw my heart away
it'll save me my own mercy
afforded when no one gives a fuck
what happens.

attention whore, thrill seeker,
call me names, i invite you to.
i'm immune now,
numbed by bad weather and
the memory of cigarettes on Sundays.
God's day. a day not to commit
the inevitable sins of your ancestors.

if i grow old but never get even,
it'll be a combustion of sorts,
the key in the ignition, me learning
some humility at last that the
earth might have withheld;

don't look at me, the cocoon
is cracking.


[this piece is inspired by the "labyrinth" prompt from Think Tank Thursday over at Poets United. i get lost inside myself often, and a labyrinth is a good way to describe my insides, i suppose. writing about it helps me find my way out. x]


Ginger said...

Great..what makes you kick..makes you tick..never thought of it that the way you think..and cigarettes on Sundays..ha ha..those were the days..enjoyed reading this..Ginger

brittneyj said...

I love this poem! I get lost in my own thoughts as well and I found your poem to be very funny and relatable as well.

Peggy said...

I enjoyed reading the tour of your inner labyrinth and finding your blog. Write on.

Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...

A poem fulll of angst and yet a resolution to carry on in spite of it all.


Sherry Blue Sky said...

This is wonderful to read. I love your style. So nice to meet you through Poets United. Keep coming back!

Gemma Wiseman said...

A bristling, vibrant birth of individuality! Adore the brisk drama of the first four lines!

Danny Earl Simmons said...

Ya got some nice descriptions in here. I especially like the first two lines of the penultimate stanza and can actually see the poem ending there (like I have any say-so over such things). All the best!

Dana Leah said...

i'm overwhelmed at your thoughtful comments, thank you so much everyone for stopping by my little ol' blog. much appreciated! x

Hannah said...

Humility and don't look...I'm cracking...I enjoyed this poem much!! Smiles to you!

Dana Leah said...

thanks Hannah! x

Ella said...

I so appreciate your view! Mine is fractured and I find your insight powerful~ Thanks for taking me on this path :D

Dana Leah said...

thank you Ella, for stopping by and for the comment! :) x