Monday, June 11, 2012

take now my heart

i could have been the best you'd ever had.
now that you've done what you want
with my heart,
any remnants of attraction
are yours in lovely frailty,
and in the end
i think the foolish timestamps
i've placed on all my expectations
shall expire dutifully,
exposing your downfalls.
lest mine should trail,
i will not be undone.
all i can do is sing
until my tainted lungs resist,
until scream becomes song.
it will not cease
until the song sheds tears as i have for you,
and if you ears should play upon my song,
i will belt out notes
that would prefer a more suitable key.
take now my heart
and all its pieces --
it was yours to begin with.

look at yourself,
cleaning up after me now.
how i've longed for the satisfaction
that brings.
somehow you still retain your beauty.
'tis a shame you still don't see mine.



Anonymous said...

This was very well written, and such an all-too unfortunately common thing... I'm glad to have stopped by

Dana Leah said...

aw, thanks for stopping by, belladonna! i'm glad you did. and thanks for your lovely comment. much appreciated. :) x