Tuesday, July 3, 2012

fault line

i got on a bus to you today
thinking that the gesture
would at last show some shred
of how much you have always meant
to this friend-forged heart: you were never
secondary. i have, since we grew to all fruition,
held you in highest regard, in
the sincere circle of all i hold
dear. that is where you will remain.

today was your birthday. we
did vodka shots like when we were in college
and i knew we were back to being invincible
again and i was riveted to know
you felt it, too. the rift we usually feel
is part of a regurgitated fiction
we've created to somehow justify
the distance neither of us can stand
and i hate it and so i came to you
and built a bridge over the void
and we crossed hand-in-hand and
burnt it behind us so
we'd never go back to that.

i got on a bus to you
so we would both be held accountable,
so i wouldn't be the only fault line
haunting the fissured earth at our feet --
i need to at last be validated
in eyes that have too long
held me over the edge, a step
from walking off an unfair plank,
you pushing me to a fraying sea that
could never hope to contain all i am
or all you are to me.


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