Tuesday, July 31, 2012


to be an intelligent female in this world
is more often than not a curse.
it means i am not so likely
to give my heart away but
it is overgrown.
it hasn't made contact with another
for long enough to know its limits:
it is ready.
but it is only ready for greatness,
the all-encompassing consumption that is
falling in love with an equal
and that is hard to do.

i have no interest
in being your play-thing,
a chew-toy, food for thought.
that could never be enough for me
and if you can't discern that
from the orders i subscribe to
then you haven't cut your way in
far enough
for me to extract my heart
and hand it over.

in fact you might be better off
going in yourself
and digging it out
but you should only do it
if you are seriously in search
of me
this heart isn't for everybody.



Kristol said...


Dana Leah said...

muchas gracias Kristol!! i didn't know you still read my blog, haha. thank you for stopping by and commenting! xo