Friday, July 13, 2012

i have something dire to tell you

i have something dire to tell you
naive girl

how i admire you, dear
your hair kept clean, your eyes aglow in photos
and don't forget those rosy rosy doll cheeks
no one can ever tell if you're embarrassed
or if you've had a bit too much wine
or if you were just born that way

how i admire you, dear
naive girl
but it'll burn you, baby
how i wish i could tell you that

your phone number is not for free
neither is your body
or your pride
how i want to tell you

men don't want to be your friend
they want to insert a coin
and make you light up
hoping the payout will be sex
and one of these days they will break you
taking you for all you're worth, jackpot
naive girl

how i wish i had told you that

[this is part of a series that began this past year writing about girls i know in real life. women in general are interesting creatures, but sometimes they can be quite baffling and so i write about them. the "girl" series is one i'm quite proud of, hope you like it, too. x]


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